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Imatge entrada entrevista al RegiNews1


1st of ESO students on the differences between primary and secondary education.

1. What’s different in the ESO compared to primary?

A.B.: Secondary school is more demanding than primary, the work we do is harder and your attitude has to be spot on. We get given lots of homework, but luckily we usually have time in class to get a lot of it done.

A.V.: The difference between ESO and primary school is that in the ESO you don’t have as much homework, but you have to pay a lot of attention in class and try to finish the work in class. Also, we have more teachers than when we were in primary school. In the playground we get together with more people from other courses and make more friends. We have mixed the classes from last year and there are new students this year. In the ESO we do more work in groups.

J.M.: There are quite a few differences, like in the ESO you have to take everything more seriously, you have to work really hard to make sure you get good grades. You also have to be more autonomous and get used to doing things by yourself. You have to pay lots of attention in class, because if you don’t, you don’t know what homework there is. Finally the teachers have a different way of teaching.

J.L.: The classes are noticeably harder, there is more study time and new teachers with different teaching methods.

L.N.: The difference between ESO and primary school is that we don’t have as many homework assignments as last year, but it is true that we have a few teachers who are not like the primary school teachers. I like the ESO because we do some work in groups and we do almost all the subjects together, but the problem with this is that we hardly see our tutor (just for tutoring and English.) In primary school, we weren’t put in groups so much and now we do everything in pairs, trios or groups, we also have many more teachers than in primary school.

N.S.: The truth is that there isn’t much difference, but I will explain a few: For example, we are not with the tutor as much, and we do not do many classes with just our class, but in some subjects we all get together first, and they divide us into groups. They did this before as a project last year, but it wasn’t as many hours. It also has to be said that last year we always had homework, however, this year we still have quite a bit but not as much. The last change that I have noticed is the teachers, in ESO they are stricter and they do more work.

2. What are you most excited about?

A.B.: What I like most about it is that the teachers are very funny, very kind. I also like the schedules of the course we are in, and I also like that on Mondays we start at 9:00.

A.V.: What I like most about ESO is that we don’t have as much homework, that we change teachers more and that we finish at one o’clock on Fridays. Also that we have new colleagues and have more relationships outside our class.

J.M.: What I like most about ESO is that they give us a lot of time to finish our homework during class.

J.L.: So far this year, what I like the most is that in some classes we make groups between the two classes, this gives you the chance to interact with other kids, not just the ones from your class, so you have more opportunities to make friends.

L.N.: What I like most about it is that we get together with the other classes and do many activities in groups.

N.S.: What I like most about the ESO is that on Fridays we leave earlier!! Also at lunch time we get to play before eating and they give us more food than last year!!


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